I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi

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A dark comedy/drama slice-of-life kinetic visual novel that follows the life and times of a girl starting the next chapter of her life.


Content Warning: Recommended 16+ for Strong language, alcohol use, drug references, sexual themes (innuendos / no nudity or on-camera sex), discussions regarding mental health.



New beginnings can be a challenge, especially when they start hundreds of miles away from home!

I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi explores a week in the life of Yoshimi Adelina Hertz as she makes her way in the world after finishing school. She deals with the challenge of finding her place in the world and the trials and tribulations that come with moving somewhere new. While at the same time, understanding her own insecurities and sense of self.

She comes armed only with her dreams, a pet, a head full of nostalgia from her childhood, and all of her good and bad habits. Boston is a very different place from the quiet and peaceful Midwestern life that she's used to, and now it's on her to make the most of it.

How will she handle this? Will it be a good week for her? Was this all a mistake?

Read and find out!

• Genres: Dark comedy, slice-of-life, drama.
• Resolution: 1280x720
• Current Build: v1.1.5


📄The Credits:


• Story, Development, Music Production, Art Direction, Voice Casting - berry
• Script Editing - berry & DefeatedSanity
• Programming - berry & Dodobro
• Sprites & GUI - Erickiwi
• Backgrounds - Fuyu no Kawa
• Sound Effects - FreeSound, Soundbible, YouTube, & Soundsnap
• Animation - RingoBonBon & Sonraya
• Engine - Ren'Py (Version 7.3.5)


• Yoshimi Adelina Hertz - Anastasia Lyle
• Mr. Michael Hertz - Poppletron
• Mrs. Eriko Honda-Hertz - Amanda "Panda" Parker
• Stu Jeffery Bennet - Darrell Andre Humphrey
• Mrs. Sandra Bergen - Amy Saville
• Derek - Michael "Speedlemon" Flaherty
• Hamad - Jackmack
• Vivaan Manikivasakam - Mike Vallas
• Nathan Skies - Joshua Waters
• Gym Leader - Kevin Couto
• Airport Worker - Kevin Couto


Axian - The Plan [ORIGINAL SONG]
   ▸ Snowed In
   ▸ Blossom
   ▸ Cosma
   ▸ Wish
   ▸ Want
   ▸ Sway
   ▸ Contemplation
   ▸ Memory
   ▸ Lullaby
   ▸ tmrrw.
   ▸ Time and Place
   ▸ Summer Sky
   ▸ Beachside
   ▸ Cherry Blossum
   ▸ Dark Sides (w. Laura James)
idealism - last time
furino - listen to tommy with a candle burning



• A kinetic story that can be read through in approximately 2:30 - 4 hours, depending on how fast of a reader you are.
• 25,349 words and 2,304 dialogue blocks.
• 19 colorful, 3D backgrounds depicting settings in urban life and the everyday life of Yoshimi.
• Dark comedy and dramatic elements.
• A lo-fi soundtrack with 18 tracks from various producers like furino, idealism, CRÆTION, and an exclusive track from Axian that was made just for this visual novel!
• Can be played on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
• Full/Partial voice acting from 10 different actors.
• 13 vibrantly illustrated cutscenes.
• 322 expressive character sprites spread out across 7 chapters. This includes alternative outfits.


📄Bonus Content:

The Art of I'm Oh, So Busy is a 46-page digital artbook that features visual assets and commentary from the production of IOSB! All revenue from the artbook and this game will go towards making more games in the future. You can visit the page and get a copy for only $1.99 here!

The full soundtrack for I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi can be listened to here:


Thank you for stopping by and checking out this visual novel! It means a lot to the team and me that we've been given so much feedback and support over the past few years since production started.

If you'd like to keep up with all sneak peeks, announcements, exclusive artwork, and the happenings of The Berry Guild, follow @berryischillin on Twitter.

You can also visit us on berryswebsite.com, which has information on all of our projects, all social media links, and the development log.

Please leave a comment down below, or reach out to me at theberryguild@gmail.com if you come across any bugs or issues that need to be fixed!

Join The Berry Guild discord server HERE

Product details

Genre: Visual novel
Tags: 2D, Colorful, Dark humor, Drama, Female protagonist, Kinetic novel, Single player, Slice of life, Story rich
Creator: The Berry Guild
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