Pippy's Ultimate Quest for Friendship (and Lessons)!!!

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Who doesn't want friends?
(Don't answer that. Just keep reading.)

As Pippy the annoying cliché hyperenergetic rabbit, working at a maid cafe, at the age of 11, in a peaceful animal world where there is no more school, your goal is to make as many friends as you can (unless you don't want to, that is).
Will Pippy get enough friends to be satisfied?

This is the first demo/part in the series, so there will be more development with these characters! But this is still a full game!
(Please blame Pippy for giving the game an obnoxiously-long title.)

* An incredible story and character-driven visual novel!
* 1 - 1.5 hour long gameplay! (Not too long and not too short)
* 5+ CGs!
* Over 50+ character sprites!
* 5 endings! (But you do want to make friends... right?)
* 11,000+ words!
* Animal people that live in an animal world! (Basically kemonomimi.)
* Interesting and (literally) colorful cast of (4) characters!
* Friendships that blossom!
* Pippy! NYAHAHAHAHA-- (What)
* And last, but not least, learn valuable lessons!

Disclaimers (SPOILERS):
* Few choices and friends can be made. (Quality over quantity... Right?)
* Unsettling themes and content warning: Emotionally manipulative content, possibly disturbing sprites, small mentions of violence
* This first game focuses on the start of relationships and who to have a relationship with (so you can think of it as part one or a demo for the upcoming games)! There is nothing blatantly romantic yet, but the game still concerns these and their issues.
* Only some of the background images are mine. I have only edited them to fit the way the VN looks. If you find that one of your images is in my game, please do contact me!

Thank you for checking out my page! Please let me know what you think/what I can improve for next time by leaving a comment :D (they're all appreciated, hehe).

Special thanks:
❤️ Thank you to those who playtested my game and took their time to help me edit!

You can get the game on Google Play!
For more updates, check here: Twitter @MINTGL0W
More games: itch.io

How to play:
1. Download the game with your operating system
If on PC:
2. Extract contents of the .zip file where you'd like
3. Open extracted folder
4. Run the .exe file and enjoy!
If on Android:
2. Go to your downloaded files and run the .apk
3. Open the app and enjoy!

To Be Continued...

Minimum System Requirements



A Mac.

An Android.

Product details

Genre: Visual novel, Casual, Sci-fi
Tags: 2D, Anime, Colorful, Comedy, Fast-paced, Female protagonist, Funny, Narrative, Relationship, Sci-fi, Story rich, Waitress, Drama, Cafe, Slice of life, Single player
Creator: MintGlow


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